[ Night forest  to waterfall ]
A Musical Journey through Nature's Serenade


Inspired by a memorable night hike in Pasadena's sprawling park, this musical piece seeks to evoke the essence of the experience, focusing on the enchanting waterfall that captivated the composer's senses.

Composition Concept

Within this composition, the aim is to capture the essence of a "walk" or hike, mirroring the sensation of traversing various terrains, encountering rhythmic changes, and experiencing the exhilarating jumps typically associated with such ventures. By seamlessly blending contrasting textures and employing rhythmic variations, the music intends to mirror the sensations of ascending and descending, akin to a hike along a meandering river.

Capturing the Essence

The central focus of this composition lies in capturing the ethereal beauty of the moonlit waterfall. Just as it took a few suspended moments to catch our breath at the sight of this natural wonder, the musical journey also embraces a deliberate pause, allowing for the anticipation and eventual revelation of the majestic waterfall's melody.

Melodic Structure

Delicate melodic motifs intertwine throughout, both ascending and descending, to mirror the act of traversing the breathtaking landscape. These melodic variations are accompanied by nuanced changes in texture, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of the hike, further immersing the listener in the experience.

I worked with Igor as a performer of his music composition
“Night forest- to waterfall” which I played this year at the conservatory.
I had a great interest in this composition from the very beginning of reading the score and playing it. The mysterious images of the night forest and the waterfall hidden in its depths fascinated me.
Small in volume, having a transparent texture, the piece turned out to be technically difficult. I faced the task of finding the right playing techniques to overcome technical difficulties and express the composer's ideas and images embedded in it. Being in dialogue with the composer, we found the best solutions to the most difficult parts.
I have included this beautiful piece in my repertoire with pleasure and I hope it will become popular among harpists all around the world.
Liliana Safikhanova

[Conservatoire National Superieur Musique et dance de Lyon.France]

Los Angeles, Calif.